Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cover Reveal: Point of Beginning

Point of Beginning is coming out in March. It's been revised, and expanded for re-release. This story has a special place in my heart and I'm so pleased that Siren is releasing it with this awesome new cover by Harris Channing.

The title of the book refers to the beginning of a romance, and also a term used in surveying.
Point of Beginning: The starting point of a survey, which is mapped out on all linear lines until it reaches back to the point of beginning.

The men in the story work in a construction survey office, a lot like the one I worked in. In fact, I did both of their jobs myself. I loved working with the men and I did use some bits and pieces of their personalities for Jack and Alex. Last year, one of my friends passed on and I dedicated the book to him. Miss you, big guy.

Here's the blurb. I hope you'll love Jack and Alex as much as I do.

Point of Beginning

The Gentlemen's Club 1

Geeky CAD technician, Jack Monroe is bi-curious but after he falls head-over-heels for a certain curly-haired construction surveyor, he’s ready to admit he’s gay. Too bad Alex James is straight and has a girlfriend who keeps him on a short leash.

Jack is determined to meet other gay men but after a few dates from hell, he's ready to give up. Then he meets Richard Caldwell, part-owner of the exclusive Gentlemen’s Club where wealthy members can make their dreams come true. Richard takes Jack under his wing and offers him a chance to act out his fantasy with an Alex lookalike. Nobody can replace Alex, but knowing the real thing is off-limits, Jack accepts the offer. When the real deal shows up, Jack is convinced that Alex is only there for the money. But sometimes dreams do come true.

Coming to Bookstrand in March




Yvette said...

I can't wait to read this one. When it comes out I am definitely reviewing it :-)

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks Yvette. Tentative release date is March 2. Have a great week! Gale

Yvette said...

Awesome...I will make sure I get it reviewed for my blog.