Saturday, November 24, 2012

Release Day! Hiding His Wolf

Urban Affairs 4

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Half-breed Werewolf Levi York hides his shifter identity while he works as a bouncer at Hot Rods, a leather club that features slave auctions. When Noah Levy goes on the block, the wolf-shifter recognizes the human as his missing friend. He tracks the buyer, Simon Black, and initiates sex hoping it will get him closer to Noah. Guilt-ridden, Levi tries to justify a very real attraction to the man who owns his friend, but he can't reconcile his feelings. There's definitely chemistry between them, but Simon is the adversary who stands between him and Noah.

Levi is right to be wary. Simon is hiding his real identity. He's a federal agent, and he's using Noah as Werewolf bait. But Simon is having second thoughts. He never expected to fall for the prey—and the bait. Now, he's determined to help both men—but first he has to convince Levi to trust him.

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Story Excerpt

Exposing his secret life would make him fair game for human bigots. It would be tough to find a new job, and he’d be hounded by the Feds, who kept a close eye on shifters. Even his own kind could be a threat. Keeping his nose clean and doing whatever the boss wanted had become second nature.
Blending in with humans wasn’t too difficult because he looked like them. Still, Levi’s large frame and intense dark-gold eyes made it a little harder for him to keep a low profile. Humans were so damn suspicious. Their hatreds were so pervasive—religious, sexual, political, social class—they had developed hatred to a fine art. Idiots, they were afraid of their own shadows. He tried to keep all contact with humans to a minimum—except for sex of course.

Life in a Were ghetto would not be any easier. On the plus side, there would be no secret identity to hide. He could be himself, shifting whenever he felt like it. But it was no utopian society. Wolves couldn’t be trusted any more than humans. The Were Resistance didn’t tolerate half-breeds. Having a human mother put a big target on Levi’s back. It was best to tread a fine line between the two species and avoid discovery and all the crap that came with it.

Levi, dressed in bouncer’s black, stood by the door and tried not to think about the main event. He forced himself to concentrate on his job, checking the arrivals, scanning the bar and looking out for trouble. The crowd looked rough, but so far they were behaving. Tonight’s event was by invitation only, and anyone who caused trouble would not be invited back. Levi knew most of the customers by sight. Many of them lived an alternative lifestyle, something outside the so-called norm, and they felt at home here. It could be BDSM, a polyamorous relationship, or even furry fandom. Levi laughed to himself. He knew a few role-playing guys in that subculture who would kill to get their hands on him if they knew he was a Werewolf. Furry sex didn’t float his boat. He preferred fucking in his human form, but if one of those human fur-freaks captured him, they’d expect him to play big, bad wolf. He’d be locked up, and his captor would throw away the key. It was just one more reason for a Were to keep his identity a secret. 

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