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New Release: Liam by Toni Griffin

Please welcome author Toni Griffin. Toni has a new series coming out today and she's here to tell you all about it. Here's Toni...
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Gale for offering to host me on her blog today.
I’m here to pimp out my latest release: Liam, Book 1 in the Atherton Pack Series is being released through Silver Publishing on the 10th November and I’m very excited. For those that may have read my work previously The Atherton Pack is a spin off from my Holland Brothers series… We met Liam in book 4. Liam’s one of those characters that just wouldn’t rest until I told his story, so here we are now with a brand new series…  I hope you enjoy. J


Being the Beta to the Panneath Alpha of Australia isn't an easy job, but Liam Anderson uses his position and constant travel to search for his mate. Unfortunately, he's yet to meet the person fated to be his.

Declan Morgan witnesses something he shouldn't and has no choice but to flee Cairns and hope he's not followed. Exhausted, naked, and starving, he ends up at a house in the small town of Atherton.

Imagine Liam's surprise when he discovers his mate standing in his backyard. Overjoyed at finding him, he's also concerned the reason Declan had to run will get in the way of their happily ever after.


Step after careful step, Declan didn't want to make any noise and alert whoever to his presence. Crouching down low behind a shrub, Declan could see through into a clearing on the other side. He had thought he would be alone out here, not only because it was a Saturday night and people usually had something better to do, but also because he hadn't seen any other vehicles in the car park. There were two lots and he hadn't bothered to drive around to the other one because it surrounded the entrance all the way on the other side of the pack lands.

The angry voice of his Alpha brought his attention back to the group of men in the middle of the clearing.

"How dare you steal from me?" Alpha Kegan Wallis's hard, icy tone caused the fur on the back of Declan's neck to stand on end.

Declan could finally recognise the man currently being held between the angry Alpha's two Betas, Gregory Stone and Barry Stuart. Nigel Cummings stood slumped over and Declan believed the only reason he remained on his feet, and not on the ground, was due to the two Betas holding him up.

Nigel looked like shit, Declan had no idea what he'd done to piss the Alpha off so much, but whatever it had been he was copping a beating for it. His eyes looked to be almost swollen shut, blood steadily oozed from a split lip, and his right cheek seemed to have split along his cheekbone.

"I didn't take anything. I swear, Alpha."

"Liar!" Declan watched Kegan Wallis punch Nigel in the stomach. Nigel doubled over, the air expelling from his lungs before the two men holding his arms, roughly grabbed him and pulled upright.

"Do you have any idea how much a kilo of coke is worth on the Australian market?" Alpha Wallis snarled at the bruised and battered man.

"No, sir, I don't do drugs" Nigel pleaded.

Alpha Wallis sneered. "You cost me upwards of a hundred grand. All because you wanted to be cool and fit in with some fucking humans."

"I didn't, I swear. I don't do drugs. Please," Nigel begged, struggling against the men holding him.

Declan wouldn't have thought Nigel the type to steal or try to impress what sounded like a bunch of drug fucked humans if they wanted a kilo of coke.

Declan watched in utter horror when his Alpha pulled out a gun and pointed it at Nigel. "You really shouldn't have fucked with me Nigel."

"No please, it wasn't me. You have to believe m--"

Alpha Wallis cut Nigel off in the middle of his struggles when he put a bullet through his head. Declan whined quietly and quickly backed up, wanting to get away as fast as possible. Unfortunately his back leg came down on a twig and snapped it clean in half.

"What the bloody hell was that?"

Declan didn't want to hang around and find out if he had been spotted. It would be easy enough for them to know who had seen everything as soon as they caught his scent.

He took off into the forest. He had speed--probably the only thing going for him. So far, the only wolf who'd ever kept up with him had been his old Alpha, one of the fastest wolves Declan had ever met.

Declan knew the exact moment they caught his scent. Three howls ripped through the night. He didn't head back to his car. Declan kept on running. If he stopped or got caught, he would be dead before the sun crested the horizon. No way in hell his Alpha would let Declan live after he'd witnessed him killing a pack member in cold blood. Let alone overhearing the information his Alpha and Betas were apparently selling illegal drugs.

Declan heard them, chasing him through the dense forest trees. He'd never been so scared in his life. Not when his parents had died and he'd found himself responsible for raising his younger brother, or when he had packed up their lives and moved them both across the country. He started to think that particular move had been a bad idea. But seriously, who would have guessed his new Alpha would turn out to be a drug dealing murderer? Declan wouldn't have.

Declan raced through the trees, his heart pumping, the adrenaline flowing, and he could only think about being caught and never getting to see his brother grow into the man Declan knew he could be. Tommy currently walked the fine line between teenager and responsible adult at the tender age of nineteen. Declan wanted to witness his brother's journey into manhood.

Would anyone tell Tommy what happened? Or would he go the rest of his life without being aware. Would he believe his brother dead or would he think Declan had abandoned him? Declan didn't know which option would be worse.

Silently vowing neither of those things would happen, Declan put on another burst of speed and ran.

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Toni I love your work. Tonight I'm going to be reading "Dealing with the Dead" I'll have to wait to next payday to get Liam's story. I can hardly wait. Enjoy your weekend.