Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Candidate: A Novel of Suspense

I read and enjoyed Paul Harris' first novel THE SECRET KEEPER, so I was excited to get a copy of his new release, THE CANDIDATE. This gripping political thriller is especially relevant as it comes on the eve of our Presidential election.

The story begins with a bang—literally, as an attempt is made on a candidate's life. Exciting and authentic—the timeliness of the subject matter makes the book especially intriguing.

I'm all about the characters and Harris gives his real substance. Jack Hodges, the candidate, Dee Babineaux, the campaign manager, Mike Sweeney, the aide who is recruited to find out who the shooter really is—they're all well developed and believable.

The author's knowledge about politics and people elevates The Candidate above other mysteries. The plot entertains, while it makes us think. Even if you are not a fan of politics, this is a story that will keep you turning the pages. Highly recommended.

Book Description

IT begins with a single gunshot.

On a frozen winter’s night deep in rural Iowa a female assassin tries to kill no-hoper presidential candidate Senator Jack Hodges. The woman fails but her attempt at murder transforms the race for the White House. Suddenly the former war hero-turned-politician is big news. Guided by his outspoken and outrageous campaign manager, Dee Babineaux, Hodges’ promise of radical change electrifies American politics.

But the identity of Hodges’ would-be killer remains unknown. Her name, age, even her nationality, are a complete mystery. As the campaign takes off, it becomes vital to discover who she is. The task is assigned to young staffer Mike Sweeney, a true believer in Hodges’ cause. He must find out the woman’s deepest secrets before anyone from a rival campaign or the media does. Sweeney’s journey will take him from the depths of the American heartland to the corridors of power in Washington and, finally, into some of American history’s darkest and bloodiest corners. And, all the time, Hodges’ campaign is inching ever closer to making its candidate the next President of the United States.
The Candidate is a thrilling ride right into the heart of a modern American campaign. Along the way it poses some of the most fundamental questions of politics, but also of the human heart. How far will you go to win? Can anyone really leave their past behind?

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About the Author

PAUL HARRIS is a US Correspondent for the British newspapers The Observer and The Guardian. He lives in New York and writes about all aspects of American political and cultural life. The 2012 race is the third US presidential election he has covered, including 2008’s epic primary battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Prior to being posted in the US, Harris was a journalist in Britain and Africa. He has covered conflicts in Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Burundi and South Africa. His experiences covering the civil war in Sierra Leone formed the inspiration for his first novel, THE SECRET KEEPER. He is glad to have swapped writing about war zones for the equally exotic but slightly less life-threatening world of American politics.