Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Release Day!

Captain Jack's Wet Dream
TomCats 3

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, older hero, shape-shifters, HEA]

Captain Jack Saylor is about to turn forty-five and he's uber-sensitive about his age. When his buddies at TomCats Resort in Key West throw a birthday party to cheer him up, Jack never expects a beautiful Asian man to jump out of the cake.  Aran Suttirat, the twenty-one year-old that arrived from Bangkok is not Jack's usual type, but Jack's pheromones go into overdrive when the boy lands on his lap.

Aran is the new masseur, and he gives Jack a birthday massage with a happy ending the Captain can't forget. Jack is smitten, but the boy is too young for him and besides Jack's been commitment phobic since losing his mate years ago.

Aran doesn't agree, and he'll do anything to change Jack's mind, including playing dirty. Can Aran convince the commitment-phobic Captain that they belong together?

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Story Excerpt

Jack picked up his bottle and held it to his mouth. Empty. Damn. Carefully avoiding the dancers, he made his way to the bar for another Corona. The music was loud, and Jack felt a headache coming on. At the bar, all the stools were occupied and Jack stood unnoticed behind two men that he recognized. They had taken a sunset cruise earlier in the week, and the sandy-haired man had flirted with Jack shamelessly. Nothing had come of it—then. Maybe tonight they could take things to the next level.

Jack was about to squeeze between them and make contact when the flirt turned to his buddy and laughed. “I’d do the Captain for sure. He looks great for his age.” The darker man smacked his lips. “Think we could get that daddy interested in a threesome?”

Daddy? Jack froze, horrified. He was nobody’s daddy and especially not to two men who were well into their thirties. Jack was turning forty-five for Christ’s sake, not senior citizen status, not by a long shot. He’d been told many times that he was hot. Yeah, but a lot of those times the compliment had been qualified with the words for his age. Those three words changed everything. He died inside every time he heard them.

His drink forgotten, Jack took a deep breath, ran his fingers through his hair, and walked toward the bathroom. He needed a few minutes alone. Jack stood at the sink and looked intently at his image in the mirror. When had he become a middle-aged cat? Did he really look forty-five? The years had passed so quickly. It seemed like only yesterday that he and the others had come here from New England, where their families had lived for years. They were young men on vacation who had fallen in love with Key West and stayed. When the opportunity arose to buy an abandoned cigar factory, they took it and turned the property into the popular all-male resort—TomCats. That time seemed so long ago, but it was only ten years. The other cat-shifters had been in their twenties. Although Jack had been the oldest, at thirty-five, Tom Kay had handled most of the transactions and became the unofficial CEO of TomCats, Inc. That was fine with Jack. He didn’t care about business. His love for the sea took precedence over everything else. TomCats charters was his baby, but he didn’t get too involved in the financial end. He was all about sailing and taking care of the sloop.

It was a good life, so why was he so fucking down? The face staring back at him didn’t look all that different. No wrinkles creased his angular features. His ocean-blue eyes were still sharp. So his black hair had a few streaks of gray, so what?

Fuck it. He knew he was still attractive. It was just that he was always surrounded by beautiful men, and being the oldest of the group they felt they had to tease and remind him of it all the time. He knew he was hot. He heard it enough. Daddy? Really? Give me a break.

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