Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Enough with do-it-all devices!

I was already a satisfied Kindle user in November 2011 when I ordered the new Kindle Fire. As soon as it arrived, I deregistered my Kindle 2nd Generation and passed it on to hubby. There was a lot to like, the color, the touch, the apps…

But then frustration set in. I was able to create collections on my old Kindle and believe me it's a much needed feature when you have as many books as I do—both for reading pleasure and for research. The carousel, favorites shelves and book listings on the Fire did not cut it for me.

And I missed the 3G connectivity big time. The Fire requires a Wi-Fi hotspot when you want to connect.
And the battery needs charging a lot more than my second generation Kindle did. I know the Fire uses a lot of energy but it seems to need a recharge way too fast.

Then I noticed that when I purchased something on the Fire, I didn't need to enter a password. Whoa! What if I happen to leave my Kindle somewhere? Whoever finds it has instant access to my credit card.  

Even though it wasn't in color, I really liked the e-ink display on my 2nd Generation Kindle better than the Fire. The text appeared sharper—in my opinion. Okay I dealt with all these frustrations until I took my Kindle Fire to the beach. WTF! I couldn't read it in the sun like I did with my old Kindle. That did it. I'm a beach person.

So, I asked myself—why do I want an e-reader? And the answer is—to read. That's what it's all about. I don't want a do-it-all device. I want an e-reader that performs one primary purpose—reading—and performs it spectacularly well.

Luckily, DH was agreeable to a trade. What a pleasure to dip my toes in the ocean and start creating collections again.



Diana Guess said...

I bought a Kindle Fire and I must admit that I don't regret that I got it. It's really a great reading device and it doesn't matter anything else as long as I can read my favorite books, downloaded from All you can books... I found this site on the Internet randomly and I can't wait to read all the books I got from there.

Gale Stanley said...

Hi Diana, my husband agrees with you. He hasn't put it down since we traded. Thanks for the heads up on the site.

June M. said...

I have to say that I kind of agree with you. I had the Kindle Keyboard and LOVE it! It is the perfect size for reading, light, love the ability to organize everything and the 3G. But I wanted the Kindle Fire too. I use it more for games (Words with Friends), email, internet, etc. But continue to read with my old Kindle.

Gale Stanley said...

My husband is using it exactly the same way: games, email, etc. I do all that on my laptop. I'm really happy to get my old Kindle back for reading.