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Sean O’Kane: Bound for Glory

Welcome Sean O’Kane, author of Bound for Glory.

In ‘Bound for Glory’, the vision of a near-future Britain in which slave-owning is becoming a norm and the crowds love watching extreme sporting spectacles, might seem a bit fantastical and far-fetched. But I’ve been horrified by the rise of reality TV over the past decade.

And what is ‘Big Brother’ and ‘I’m a celebrity’ if not a way for people to relax in the comfort of their own homes and watch people destroy themselves for their entertainment. True we’re now much more civilised than those poor benighted Romans! We don’t watch them physically torn to pieces but their dignity is shredded – can anyone cast their minds back to George Galloway and Rula Lenska without feeling an urgent need to upchuck? – and their personalities are flayed in front of a voyeuristic audience getting a vicarious thrill.

And then there is the spread of an underclass in this country. Witness the riots of 2011. All I had to do was put a bit of spin on current developments and it all came very easily to the page. Politicians putting on Games to persuade voters to their cause. Why not? If the arenas were a reality, they’d be their major fans once they got past the huffing and puffing, outraged virtue stage of course!

Someone once said that the first duty of any elected body is to make sure it gets re-elected. If you Apply that to any country which has arenas, then that’s exactly what the Romans did and I reckon a modern country would too!

But that’s to make the whole Arena series sound far too heavy! It’s not like that, its purpose was to provide a highly erotic and entertaining read. And I’m delighted to say that thus far it seems to have performed that function.

I’ve always thought that there is no reason an erotic reader should be sold short. Why should they not get as good a yarn as a reader of any other sort of fiction? To that end I’ve always tried in all my erotic books to provide a page-turning read with erotic thrills as well. I don’t see why they should be an ‘either/or’ choice!

I hope that’s what has kept readers coming back for more, the fact that each book has a strong plot element going on in the background, but the erotic thrills are most definitely not forgotten!

I do hope that Anna Chatham takes her place in the readers’ affections alongside their other favourites from the books. I liked her the more I wrote her – which is going to make working on ‘Blonde Fury’ rather interesting to say the least!


Anna Chatham’s life is suddenly ripped apart and her catastrophic fall from fame and fortune to criminal takes only a few days. And in the Britain that she knows, some twenty years in the future, when a pretty girl is condemned for anti-social behaviour, it can mean only one thing. In his relentless drive towards power Clive Mostyn has steered through slavery legislation. Anna Chatham now faces fifteen years as the legal property of an arena. But there is a sinister purpose at work behind her downfall and as she learns to submit to her Masters, a devastatingly cruel plot is revealed. Page-turning action as always as Sean takes us to the climactic Demolition Derby – the arenas’ latest and harshest test for its slaves.

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Bound for Glory is also available from all outlets of WHSmith Travel in the UK.


Sean O’Kane came to writing erotica via various routes. He was a successful author in other fields before the erotic bug bit him!

Since first appearing in the Silver Moon canon he has written several best-selling titles and ‘Bound for Glory’ is the ninth novel in the acclaimed Arena series. Readers have kindly supplied him with a lot of feedback over the course of the series and even suggested ways in which the various plot lines might develop. He is very gratified by this proof of his books being enjoyed. In the erotic genre, that degree of reader feedback is rare!

He has another Arena novel planned but after that is not decided in which direction he might turn.

Sean lives a full life beyond his hours at the computer. He is keen on gardening and cooking as well as reading – he likes to see what everyone else is up to! He has many friends on the SM scene and is proud to class Francine Whittaker as being among them.

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