Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eliot Hastings: Forbidden Pleasures, Forgiven Desires

Today my guest is Eliot Hastings. I just finished reading his BDSM novella, Forbidden Pleasures, Forgiven Desires and loved it. This is one hot story and just the beginning of his series.
And now here's Eliot Hastings to tell you more about it...

I’ve been writing erotica for some time as a hobby but the advent of indie publishing spurred me into getting my work “out there.” My current project is Forbidden Pleasures, Forgiven Desires; it started out as a few short stories, some I had written years ago. I decided that I wanted to develop the relationship between the two main characters, and although most of the books are stories about other people, I also wanted to see Amanda and Kathryn at different stages of their lives. They appear in all of the books and we see them in Book one (to be published soon) enjoying life in their youthful way, full of excitement and discovery, to their relationships as they grow in the confidence and intensity of maturity. The remaining books in the series will be published this year.

I’m still enjoying the journey myself and hope the stories are an entertaining read. My next project is a full length political thriller with plenty of twists and turns, it’s in the planning and outline stage just now and the finished work should be ready early next year. 

Forbidden Pleasures, Forgiven Desires
Categories: Erotica, Multiple Partners, BDSM
Word Count: 48,992
Heat Index – 5 Flames

Peter was an assertive man, in complete control of his life and work. But in his closest relationships he was a natural submissive, and he had been searching for a dominant partner for as long as he could remember. Dissatisfied with his relationships, he had sought the services of a professional Mistress. Lisa enjoyed her work as a sadistic Dominatrix, exploiting his masochism and they soon became good friends. It seemed as if he had everything he needed, and his search was over. Then he met Suzy and fell in love with her, they were brought together by a quirk of fate. She had her own agenda, but there was something unspoken, something below the surface that drew them together, but would she love him? And if she did, would he be able to live a life denying his need to be dominated?

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Eliot Hastings is a technical author and began writing short stories as a hobby some years ago. He is an engineering graduate and lives in Warwickshire, his interests include Architecture and History and he considers himself lucky to live in a country steeped in history. It allows him to follow two of his favourite hobbies which are photography and visiting historic buildings and Cathedrals. Eliot is into motor sports and music and he is a regular at race meetings and gigs up and down the country.

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Toni Sands said...

Hi Gale. This is such an interesting post from Eliot. I love the way history inspires writers. And I love the way writers are determined to let their characters have their way with them!

JP said...

Gale, thanks for having Eliot here today. It took me awhile to stop looking at the cover art to read on, hot cover! Oh yes and the story sounds real nice too, lots of care in the character development. Look forward to reading more.