Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A New Cover and a New Release!

Hell, it doesn’t get much better than this. Last night I got the new cover for BACKFIRE and today SPITFIRE was officially released.
BACKFIRE will be out next month. In the meantime here’s a preview to go with the cover.


Wolf-shifter, Jack Remus, is at the Silverado Saloon looking for a night of casual sex, but his plans backfire when he catches the scent of a wolf he can't resist. Big blue eyes and copper curls turn his world upside down but the other man isn’t feeling it.
Dakota is on the run from an abusive Alpha, and a new lover is the last thing on his mind. When a dark, sexy Lycan shows up to play white knight he knows it's time to move on. But Jack has other ideas.


BACKFIRE and SPITFIRE are part of the Southwest Shifters series, and old characters make appearances, but each story can standalone.  .
Bookstrand offers a discount on new releases, so this is a good time to pick up your copy of SPITFIRE. Here’s an excerpt. Happy reading!

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F with M/M, werewolves]
Brady and Cade are already lovers, but each wolf-shifter has his mind set on making a certain she-wolf his mate. By the time the men realize they're meant to be a threesome, Ayala has made other plans.

Ayala cares for her Lycan lovers, and she enjoys being submissive in the bedroom, but she wants more than a life taking care of two dominating wolves. Her Alpha sends her to Philadelphia, to work with a Lycan doctor who runs the FIRM, a pack funded research facility. Seduced by a lavish lifestyle and promises of a career, Ayala soon finds herself at the mercy of the unscrupulous scientist, and longing for the life she left behind.  

Available at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, November 23rd.


Safe inside the car, Ayala stared at the dancing neon lights that spelled Silverado Saloon in red, white, and blue. Suddenly her plan didn’t seem so foolproof, and she had second thoughts.

“You getting out?” Mr. Hopper’s raspy voice asked impatiently.

After begging him, a neighbor she hardly knew, for the ride, she couldn’t very well ask him to turn around and take her home. She checked her hair in the rearview mirror, thanked him for the lift, and climbed out of the car. Outside the honky-tonk, a melting pot of humanity gathered. Cowboys, tourists, white-collar, blue-collar, every class of people was represented—except hers. Could she pass? New clothes and a kickass attitude didn’t change who she was inside. Maybe she should—

Ayala turned in time to see Mr. Hopper take off with a squeal of tires and a spray of gravel. She watched the lights of his ancient station wagon disappear in the distance. It was too late to change her mind now, and her heart raced while her feral instincts told her to fight or flee. She tamped down the primal response to an unfamiliar situation. She was not in danger here. She hoped.

Okay, showtime. Out of her element for sure, but damned if she would show it, she sauntered up to the door, hips swaying in skintight, faded jeans. Ignoring the appraising stares from the males catching a smoke in front of the building, she opened the door and walked in as if she owned the place. Like nothing she’d ever seen before, the gargantuan room overwhelmed her. She stepped into another world, an alien world gone wild, complete with a mechanical bull roped off to her right.

Ayala turned to her left. A small cowboy band, set up next to a dance floor, played country western. If she had to dance, she’d be in big trouble. She could follow along to a slow number, but these people were twirling and twisting to the music like they’d been born hoofing. Nobody said she had to dance. She’d start with a drink and take it from there.

A plan this complicated and important couldn’t be rushed. This was only a trial run, an audition to determine how well she could blend in with the human race. There were no obvious physical differences between Lycans and humans, but she’d lived a segregated life with her seriously antisocial wolf pack, and she had to be sure she could fit in outside their tiny hidden society. If her acting was believable, she’d put plan B into action.

She’d always been a loyal and obedient member of the pack. All twenty-two years of her life had been spent playing it safe and trying to please everyone, and consequently not pleasing herself. She wanted to break away and take a shot at having a life of her own, but she would not put the pack in danger by revealing their existence. If she could pass for human, she’d feel safe leaving the old life behind.

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