Thursday, November 17, 2011

I’m On Fire!

It came Tuesday – my Kindle Fire. Talk about Spartan packaging, the box contained my Kindle and the adapter to charge it. No documentation at all. Once I turned it on, I realized that I didn’t need any printed instructions. Registering my Kindle was simple and the books I had purchased from Amazon were already loaded. Any books not bought from Amazon had to be transferred via USB cable. Speaking of which, it didn’t come with one. I have the cable that came with my old Kindle so that wasn’t a problem for me.
First off, the price is right at $199. The Kindle has a 7” touch display and a nice hefty feel to it. It has 8GB of storage on the device and free cloud storage for all your Amazon content. It comes loaded with some apps: a news reader (Pulse app), weather app, Facebook, ESPN, silk web browser. Read books, watch movies, listen to music and play games. I have an iPad and I bought the Kindle mainly as an ereader but I did load angry birds. Can’t help it, I’m addicted to the game.

For the most part I love it but there are a few cons. I bought the device mainly to read books I expected a little more in that department. Don’t get me wrong, I love the color, the touch and the lighted screen. (I know I’ll miss the antiglare eInk screen on my old Kindle when I’m at the beach) What I miss most is a way to organize my books. My old Kindle had collections and I could find what I was looking for in a matter of seconds. On the Kindle Fire you search by Title, Author or Most Recent. Even my iPad allows me to set up collections. I’m hoping Amazon corrects this with a software update.

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Joselyn Vaughn said...

How exciting! I don't have an ereader yet. A Kindle Fire is on my Christmas list.

Gale Stanley said...

You'll love it. It's so easy to use. I'm hoping by then Amazon will come up with another way of organizing books, maybe even a third party app.

JP said...

The Fire is nice and I'm sure Amazon already has numerious software updates waiting in the wings. It'll all come down to user feedback as to which ones will be released.