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Carla Angela: Real-life versus fiction

My guest today is Carla Angela, author of Full Exposure. By day, Carla is a freelance journalist in Australia and, in the inky night, an erotic fiction writer. Watching telemovies and obsessing over her starsign are guilty pleasures. More on Carla Angela can be found at or She writes exclusively for Siren-BookStrand. Full Exposure is her first tome.
Today Carla is talking about Real-life versus fiction. Who hasn’t read a great love story and imagined themselves in the hero or heroine’s shoes? I'd love to be a Lycan's mate. 

Tell us who you'd like to be or what you’d like to trade in your life in exchange for that of an erotic fiction heroine’s and you might win an ebook copy of Full Exposure.
And now here’s Carla…

Real-life versus fiction
As an erotic fiction writer, sometimes I’d really love to just swap my life with that of my heroines. There are a number of reasons why (aside from the obvious) and here’s just a few…

I’d always wake up with a full face of fresh make-up (no panda eyes). 
There’d be need for a mad dash to the bathroom in the morning to curl my lashes, slough away the sleep from my peepers, and add a touch of lip gloss and dusting of bronzer. Nope, I’d look Bold and the Beautiful-worthy from go to whoa! And vampy, red lipstick would actually suit me too, and not just stain the pillowcase.
I’d always be on top of my beauty salon appointments too.
Think freshly shaven legs, a manicured, ahem, hedge, and, of course, brows... the works really! Totally kissable skin.

There would be an abundance of hunky men in my neighbourhood…
and a little less of the ageing men variety, with comb-overs and love handles.
I’d always have minty fresh breath when the object of my affection arrives on my doorstep to ravish me…
and not have just eaten a garlic-ridden gyro. Oh, and my skin would smell like roses too, without even needing to spritz my Dolce & Gabbana fragrance in the places I want to be kissed!

I’d always have a screamer of a comeback…
and would never be kicking myself later on, imagining what I should have actually said at the time.
I’d never have PMS, feel bloated or have strained a muscle playing sport… I’d just be up for bedroom Olympics wherever, whenever. Hey, bedrooms not even required!

I’d never have to fake it…
you know what I mean! Not with the capabilities of my (very well-endowed) hero at hand. Yes, at hand.
But, hey, if my life was really like this, then I wouldn’t need the glamorous escape of erotic fiction, and that would be really boring!

Full Exposure blurb:

When photographer Lake Silva helps her best friend trawl online dating sites in her search for love, she is appalled by some of the pictures men upload. Totally unflattering!
So Lake takes it upon herself to do something about it with a brainstorm for a new business venture—professional online dating photos. Slick, appealing, and sizzling hot...with Lake behind the camera lens! What she doesn’t count on is meeting one male client who stirs up more than just business sense in her.

Hunter Dex is not Lake’s usual customer. He lives in a palatial abode, and he has ocean-blue eyes and a tanned, muscular body.
Despite a photography exhibition of nudes also keeping Lake busy, she can’t help having dirty fantasies about Hunter. But such a gorgeous, rich playboy like him could never be seriously interested in a feisty tomboy like her...could he?

Full Exposure is available at Bookstrand:

And Amazon:

Win a copy of the eBook, Full Exposure, by telling us what you’d like to trade in your life in exchange for that of an erotic fiction heroine’s!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carla, I enjoyed your post. As for trading, well I love to read menage stories...

JP said...

Enjoyed your post Carla and good luck with your first book!

Anonymous said...

LOL--Carla, thats sooo true! Wouldnt it be great if real life was like that sometimes!

Love that Cover!

hugs, Kari Thomas,

Shelley Munro said...

Heroines do manage to do the impossible, don't they? I'd definitely like to be one of these kick butt heroines who aren't afraid of creatures in the dark. Kicking butt might be good stress release. In real life I'm thinking of signing up for boxing classes...

Calisa Rhose said...

*runs in puffing and huffing* Late again... Hi Gail and Carla! Did I miss the give away? I had edits allll day yesterday (not mine, for my boss). Then a wonderful RWA meeting today, again alll day. We read sex scenes aloud! Gulp. Yes I did my own! Whew!

Anyhoo- love your idea of becoming your heroine, Carla. Especially the good breath and perfect makeup. I have Cherokee blood so I can actually get away with the red lipstick. My trouble is finding one in the thousands that I like. Your book sounds super! I love Lake's name.

OK do I need to leave my email? Gotta run! Love ya Gail!

Hales said...

Great blog!!!! I'd love to be a heroine in my book too! I can imagine the escape from real life would so rock

Gale Stanley said...

Carla Angela’s giveaway has ended.
Congrats Shelley! You've won an ebook copy of Full Exposure. Carla will be in touch.
Thank you everyone for stopping by.