Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prepare to be Shocked - by Xavier Axelson

It's great to welcome back Xavier Axelson, author of Dutch's Boy. He has a new release, The Incident, which is excellent by the way. More on that later. Here's Xavier…

Brace yourself, what I’m about to say will shock you. I was talking about writing the other day (aren’t you shocked?) Do writers ever talk about anything else? I bet if you asked anyone near a writer they wouldn’t argue this one bit. It’s like those people who talk incessantly about their children and grandchildren (ugh!)

Writing is infinitely more interesting, isn’t? I TRY not to be one of those people who snares my friends and families into endless diatribes about characters, plot and just how do I get my hero back from whatever netherworld I have just cast him, but if they ask then its open season. Even then, I limit how long I go on about what I’m doing. First off, I get tired of hearing myself talk about what I’m writing and occasionally I get tired of thinking about what I’m writing.


Writers spend enough time in their own heads, thinking about their own words and what said words are trying to convey. When I finally tear myself away from the glare of the computer screen, it is a relief to hear about a friend’s sugar daddy whisking her off to Vegas for dugs, debauchery, and endless fucking.

Wait, isn’t that what your friends talk to you about?

So when I was asked recently to explain magical realism I found myself in a conversation that started about writing and spiraled into the classification system of Fiction. This conversation allowed me to use my skills as a publicist (pretending to know what you are talking about) and as a Library Tech (the anal classification and breakdown thing. Got it!) I explained magical realism as any story that takes place in a familiar setting where extraordinary things take place. Is that right? It sounded right. I am a huge fan of this genre and actually write what I think is magical realism when I am not writing about men having it off with one another.

God, I hope that was right. If not, I’m sure someone will clarify, but as this was an on the fly convo I thought I did pretty good.

“What about The Witches of Eastwick?” My inquisitive friend asked, “Is that magical realism?”

Now, being a fan of the book and the movie I had to think. I’ve seen the movie classified as horror and as comedy. The book definitely was darker (in my opinion) than the movie but also told like a fable/allegory, again, my opinion. So this led me to the classification of the book. I started by saying that first off its fiction which could then be broken down to a subgenre of horror with allegory and yes, elements of magical realism. It could also be romance? Erotic romance? I found the book to be quite sexy.

We then began discussing erotica and all the sub genres that I’ve encountered in this realm. Contemporary romance/erotica? Menage? BDSM? Western? It goes on and on. I told my friend that romance is like the mother ship and erotica is the spawn. When I began explaining sub categories of categories they just looked at me like I was speaking Greek, and for the record, I might have actually slipped into clicks and beeps and not realized it.

How do you tag/classify your writing? You go on Amazon and pull up a book and POW! There seven other categories and tags you NEVER even thought of. With “The Incident,” I found on some sites it is classified as “contemporary” a genre that still seems odd to me, don’t know why, but I’d like to know what the timeline is and cut off when something is no longer contemporary? Is it like the difference between vintage and antique?

Was there a huge meeting of erotica and romance Gods/Goddesses who created a timeline and deemed it so?

Just asking.

So two things; stop talking about your writing; give your peeps and your mouth a break. Believe me, even when people ask, they really aren’t that interested (at least not after the first 10 minutes) and second, pay attention to how your work is being classified and what tags are being attached to it. I find myself copying and pasting tags all the time, because, I definitely don’t remember the 800 possible combinations any one piece of writing can be explained.

I bring you back to my clumsy classification of The Witches of Eastwick. I’m sure it could be broken down infinitely. Even as I’m writing this, I’m already coming up with further classifications and where and how it would be filed in the great library in the sky.

Classifications suck. But you don’t have to. Be a cool kid and check me out at where classifications go the way of the dinosaurs. When you work with people who are shopping for gags with toilet brushes attached, you learn very quickly that classifying anything is dangerous.

I’m also over at the Examiner where I’m classified as a sex advice column (scary!)
 Go see!


The Incident (eBook) by Xavier Axelson
ISBN: 978-0-9828143-9-0
Length: novella

In the line of duty, decisions that will change your life forever are made in a split-second. Nobody knows that better than Officer Michael Carmac, whose fatal split-second decision haunts his days. Tormented by guilt, Michael seeks solace in a bottle and the friendship he has with his partner, Officer Bertram Angel. But the more he leans on Angel for support, the more Michael discovers a longing that he’s kept hidden for too long. Can Angel help ease the pain of guilt or will Michael’s hidden desires be the end of their friendship?

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Pender Mackie said...

You made me laugh before 7:00 AM.
Thanks, Xavier.

judiebabie said...

I must have this book!

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks for stopping by, Pender and Judie. The book is awesome, you'll love it.

JP said...

Xavier, you sure are hard to classify, must be the sign of a good writer. The Incident sounds like a good read.

Xavier Axelson said...

Thanks everyone! and Mucho hugs and love to Gale! xoxoxo

Kellie Kamryn said...

Great article! Gave me a chuckle I needed today. I shall be a cool kid now...

Gale Stanley said...

My pleasure, Xavier! Hugs!
JP & Kellie, thanks for reading.