Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cats & Dogs

Anyone who has cats is familiar with the squish of cat puke between your toes. It's never a good thing but in the middle of the night it's especially unpleasant. I staggered off to bed at three am and stepped into not one but two piles of warm hair laden regurgitated cat food. I missed the third pile but by the time I smeared the other two all over the floor it didn't really matter. Do all cats puke in threes? Thank God for baby wipes, they clean up anything.

So what kept me up until three am? The Southwest Shifters. I'm working on book three and I had one of those aha moments when a plot hole suddenly fills in and I had to get it down before I lost it. Book three is a MM romance. The first two also have MM romance and even MMM romance, but the bigger focus is on the she-wolves. In this story it's all about the guys, but there is no lack of emotion. Book three also gave me ideas for another series, so I'm excited about that. Check back for more details. I'll be posting covers and blurbs as I get them. Until then – happy reading!