Monday, July 25, 2011

Dry Ice by Bill Evans and Marianna Jameson

I received a copy of Dry Ice from the Amazon Vine Program and looked forward to reading it. It sounded like my kind of book – a scientific thriller. The story started out a bit slow, with a lot of detail, but stick with it and the thrills will come. The writing seemed a little disjointed at times, probably because there are two authors. Overall, I enjoyed it. The premise is intriguing, with enough action to keep the pages turning. I included the synopsis below from Amazon.

Product Description

In the frozen heart of Antarctica sits TESLA, a secret weather "research" station designed by Greg Simpson for Flint Agro-Chemical, a world-spanning agribusiness. Only a few people know that TESLA is creating weather all over the globe, granting Flint huge harvests and punishing the company's rivals with hailstorms and drought. Even fewer know that from time to time, Flint and TESLA help the Pentagon by providing just the right weather for a military operation.

When Greg strikes a secret deal with the Pentagon, Flint executives decide to replace him with the beautiful and ultra-intelligent Tess Beauchamp. Arriving, Tess is surprised to find that Greg's second-in-command, Nik Forde, is even better looking than he was when they had a brief affair, ten years ago.

Tess doesn't have long to worry about the difficulties of a workplace relationship. Greg has barely left Antarctica--escorted by Flint security--when his secret, encrypted computer programs activate, sending fatal weather across the globe, striking every continent's grain-growing region and livestock-farming area. Tess and Nik must crack Greg's code and stop TESLA before the US government--unwilling to sit by and watch the planet's agriculture be destroyed by storm and fire, avalanche, and tsunami--launches a nuclear missile at the TESLA base.

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