Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jeff Carlson, Best-selling Author of the Plague Year Trilogy is Celebrating Another Milestone with free reads

I love apocalyptic science fiction! You may remember my glowing reviews of Jeff Carlson's Plague Year Trilogy. This was one series I hated to see end, and it's on my TBRA list. (to be read again) So I'm happy to celebrate the success of Jeff's sci-fi novella THE FROZEN SKY - 13,000 ebooks sold!

To celebrate this milestone, Jeff is giving away copies of his other short story collections as Mobi or ePub files to anyone with any e-reader. Folks can choose their freebies at:

My Reviews of the Plague Year Trilogy at EzineArticles

 Plague Year

The nanotechnology was designed to fight cancer. Instead, it evolved into the Machine Plague, killing nearly five billion people and changing life on Earth forever.

The nanotech has one weakness: it self-destructs at altitudes above ten thousand feet. Those few who've managed to escape the plague struggle to stay alive on the highest mountains, but time is running out-there is famine and war, and the environment is crashing worldwide. Humanity's last hope lies with a top nanotech researcher aboard the International Space Station-and with a small group of survivors in California who risk a daring journey below the death line...

 Plague War

Researcher Ruth Goldman has developed a vaccine with the potential to inoculate the world’s survivors against the nanotech plague that devastated humanity. But the fractured U.S. government will stop at nothing to keep it for themselves.

Plague Zone

After surviving the machine plague and the world war that followed, nanotech researcher Ruth Goldman and ex-army ranger Cam Najarro discovered that a new contagion is about to be unleashed.

Jeff's Books are available at Amazon:

Happy Reading! And stop back tomorrow to find out who won my giveaway.

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