Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nicki J. Markus - Too Many Books...

Welcome Nicki J. Markus who's sharing her thoughts on a problem we can all relate too - too many books and not enought time!

Nicki: While I was pondering what to write for this guest blog today, I found my mind wandering to the bookshelf and the pile of books awaiting me there.

This pile causes me both joy and anguish. Joy because I love to read and can’t wait to get to the next book on my ‘to be read’ list, but anguish because, no matter how much I read, the pile always seems to get larger rather than smaller.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one with this issue. I tell myself not to buy any more until I have read those I already have and yet, when I see the books there with their shiny, enticing covers, I seem to be unable to resist.

This situation has only gotten worse this year since I got my first e-reader. Now I also have the lure of NetGalley to contend with; all those lovely books calling out to be read and reviewed.

And so, I currently find myself with sixteen books waiting and the pressure and guilt weighing down on me that I haven’t gotten to them yet.

I will get to them eventually of course; they won’t linger in an abandoned state forever. But whether they get read sooner rather than later will depend on my will-power.

I seem to remember that when I was a teenager I could read books in one or two sittings. But the older I get the less time I seem to have. At present I am working full time and also trying to fit in: writing my own stories, editing other author’s work, assignments for the editing course I am doing, running my blogs and web pages, working on my cross stitch (a huge canvas I have already been working on for 2 years – I’m on the second colour now!), writing to my pen pals, music practice...not to mention the necessary cleaning, dishes etc. and trying to get some exercise. I try to fit in some reading in between all that, but sadly I just don’t have the hours to devote to it that I used to.

Oh well, I must accept my fate. The pile will no doubt continue to grow and maybe one day I’ll reach the end and breathe a sigh of relief. Or maybe not.

Nicki J Markus is the author of several e-books including Awaken to the Night, Dragon’s Heart and the Time Keeper series. She was born in England in 1982, but now lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her fiancĂ©. You can find out more about Nicola and her writing at her website:

Her latest release is the second part of her four-part paranormal Time Keepers mini-series. Her books are available from: Amazon, OmniLit, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and Bookstrand.

Time Keepers – Part 1 – Running Blind

"It seems like any ordinary day as Nick waits for the train, but then a chance encounter with a young woman turns his world upside down. What is it that she is running from and will helping her jeopardise his own secret, making him a target too?"

Time Keepers – Part 2 – The Beast Within

"With Nick’s secret now exposed, he and Ellie must run for their lives, pursued by the Governor and his Time Keepers. Will they be able to stay hidden or is their time nearly up?"

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Julie Lynn Hayes said...

I absolutely feel your pain, Nicki! I'm in that same boat too, and trying desperately to row! I hate knowing I am making people wait for reviews, as I tend to review everything I read, plus I know how it feels to wait, but there is only so much time in a day. Not to mention the authors I love who keep writing new books that I HAVE to read. Then my friends recommend books that I also HAVE to read. Add in time to look for a job, work on my own writing, and watch movies and programs (I'm so far behind, I'm just now watching Xena!) - well, it's not a pretty picture.

Just hang in there, Nicki, it'll all get done! Some day!

Lindsay K. said...

My God, how the pile grows and grows, and it looks like I'm adding yet another with the Time Keeper series.

Bron said...

Sigh - so many books and so little tine - cliche alert!

I know what you mean. I'm supposed to be writing. I had a book due to my agent at end of March but there are just so many good books out there now. I have stopped buying until I at least get thorugh the 10I have sitting around waiting to be read.

J.Rose Allister said...

Oh, yes, I do feel your pain. It's also worse for me now that I use an eReader (on my phone, which I LOVE). Before, I used to be able to restrain myself SLIGHTLY by reasoning that I didn't have room in the house for more books. Now that I can carry hundreds on my phone? Yeesh.

Nicki J Markus said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

@Julie - one day we will both empty our tbr shelf - or probably not since I got 3 more ebooks since writing this and have been promised two more ARCs soon...*sigh*

@Lindsay - the only advantage of my Time Keepers series is that they are all short story length parts and don't take too long to read!

@Bron - hope you get your manuscript finished!

@J.Rose - I am the same - ereaders are both a gift and a curse!

Shelley Munro said...

LOL - I'm convinced my books go forth and multiply when I'm not looking! I find that now I'm writing my reading time is much reduced. It's sad.

Congrats on your recent release.