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J.L. Oiler Talks About Writing and Her New Release - Between 3

I’m excited to have J.L. Oiler here today….

Please tell us a little about yourself (or a lot ) and how and when you got into writing?

I come from the mountains of West Virginia where I live with my husband and children. I have a Masters Degree in Education. I actually was inspired to write by my father who was a true reader, one of those folks who could down two full novels in a day. I took to his love of reading and it was not too long before I started creating stories of my own to entertain my friends. Of course, life has a way of sending you down a few misguided paths so it was not until Jan of 2010 that I had my first release.

Tell us about your new release.

My Newest release is titled Between3, A Hells Gate Ménage. It is with Rebel Ink Press and my 4th release with that publisher.

Between Three is available here:
at Amazon:


When Celeste Drain attempted to make a break from an abusive relationship, she never dreamed she'd fall into an erotic ménage with two extremely hot strangers. Their one-night stand was the beginning of her new life, a life of self-reliance and inner strength. Now six months later, Celeste has a steady job at the same bar where she met her lovers, a home, and she's building a new existence.

Justin and Craig are part of the guard force known as the Keepers, men charged with protecting the human topside world from the violent monsters that live behind one of the gates to hell deep beneath Death Valley. Given little time topside to relax, Justin and Craig stumble into a one-night stand with a beautiful woman who challenges them not only physically, but also with her quick wit and intelligence. When a large breakout at the gate allows a group of vile Adze to escape to the topside world, Justin and Craig are mortified to discover the woman they thought was just a one-night stand may be a whole lot more and worse, she's smack dab in the middle of what might just become hell on earth.

And here is a sneak peak for readers!

Craig crouched down beside her, wrapping one arm across her shoulder to support and gain her trust. Justin knelt before her, raising her face to see the damage inflicted by the ignorant human male. Her right eye was already swollen, a dark bluish purple arch under it. It was the only obvious injury and for that, Justin breathed a sigh of relief. He felt the need to gather her tightly, to promise that she'd never be injured in such a way ever again. However, they'd be returning to their post in the morning and as such, there was no means to protect her from that distance, let alone time to convince her to join them.

“Let's get you off this cold ground and get something on that eye.” Craig spoke softly while scooping her up into his arms. Standing, he marveled at how good she felt, the trusting manner in which she laid her head against his chest as they strolled back into the tavern.

“Robert, get me a bag of ice,” Justin called to the bar keep as Craig sat her gently on one of the high backed bar stools. Brushing back the fall of hair that covered her face, he took a good look at the damaged eye as she watched him closely from the other.

“Thank you,” she told them as she lifted a hand to touch her face, pulling it back fast.

“I’m Justin, the big guy here is Craig.” Both men looked at her and waited for her introduction.

“Celeste, Celeste Drain.”

“Here,” Craig lay the bag of ice against her eye and cheek, cautious not to cause her any undue discomfort.

“I could really use a drink,” she told the bartender who hovered nearby.

“Give us three shots of tequila,” Justin told the man, tossing a twenty on the bar.

Celeste watched through her good eye as Craig pulled two stools forward, placing one to the right of her for Justin. The other he slid close for himself. This wasn't the way she wanted to get either mans attention though it made her feel good to have both of them flanking her.

“You fellas from around here or just passing through?” Celeste managed, downing the shot of liquid courage in one gulp.

“We...” Justin paused, looking as though he had to consider the answer. “We're from someplace else, but visit here every time we're in town.”

Celeste figured two men who looked like Justin and Craig had to be from out of town. So that ruled out anything beyond a one-night stand, which didn't sound too bad at the moment, even though it wasn't her style. But which one? She'd never done a double. Of course, there'd never been opportunity to have such tasty teachers either. With that thought, Celeste motioned to the bartender for another shot, needing the courage it provided.

“Are you from around here?” Craig asked as he wrapped his hand around the second round of shots.

“Down the road about ten miles or so.” Celeste downed the sharp, biting liquid, slamming the empty glass on the bar. “Guess I'll need to call a cab later.” She didn't mention she was planning to stay at the little hotel down the road and sneak back into the apartment she and Cliff shared once he'd gone to work. Where she'd go until she managed to find a new job and a cheap apartment was still a mystery.

“We'll make certain you get home safe,” Justin offered.

“Are you sure?” she asked, trying not to sound pleased by the idea.

“Certainly,” Craig said with a wink and a smile. “We don’t go around saving beautiful ladies then leave them to the wolves.”

“Nice to know there are still gentlemen out there,” she smiled back.

“We never promised to be gentlemen,” Craig said, laying his arm across the back of her stool.

“Good to know.” Celeste fully understood the meaning and it left her panties wet at the thought.

Half a dozen shots later, her bag of ice had melted into a bag of water. Luckily, the liquor made her numb to any pain from Cliff's left hook. Stretching, she relaxed back into Craig, propping her scuffed brown boots on Justin’s leg and laughed as he stroked her sun tanned leg through a hole in the material of her slacks a few inches above the top of her boot.

“Are you two related?” Celeste asked, tracing the intricate weave of the dark tattoo that circled Craig’s bicep while looking pointedly at the matching ink that graced Justin’s arm.

“Not exactly.” Justin slid forward, allowing his hands to run the length of her long legs. “I think we should move this conversation somewhere else. They're getting ready for last call.”

A large lump sat in her throat making Celeste feel as though she couldn't speak. This night was definitely not what she'd expected and she couldn't deny the arousal that coursed through her at the thought of being with both these gorgeous men. She responded the only way she could, with a nod and a nervous smile.

The rumble of the engine hummed through her as she straddled the motorcycle and sat behind Justin, her hands wrapped about his waist. The wind whipped through her long hair as they moved down the nearly deserted street. Celeste didn't know their destination and leaning her head back, she allowed the feeling of flying to wash over her. She didn't care.

Craig revved the engine of his bike and moved up beside them. Raising her head, Celeste smiled over at him. Damn these two were gorgeous! Was she up for an all night rodeo with these two? She was about to find out as both bikes slowed and turned into the lot of an upper class hotel. At least they'd opted to spend a little green instead of grabbing a roach infested no-tell-motel, which put them in a class ten times higher than that of her recent ex.

“Your palace, my queen,” Justin said with a sweep of his arm toward the side corridor entrance, a pass card in his hand.

“I'll serve as your chariot,” Craig announced, sweeping her up over his shoulder and heading for the door while Celeste giggled.

Craig didn't slow down or return her to her feet until Justin opened the door and they were in the center of the large room. Slowly he allowed her body to slide down his, enjoying the way the action made his flesh jerk in anticipation. Even with one eye swollen and discolored, Celeste was perfect. Womanly curves, full lips meant for kissing and enough of an attitude not to leave him bored.

Wow, it sounds fantastic! I know you have a new series out that you wrote with three other authors. Force Recon: Beacon Bayou is a very unique read. What made you decide to collaborate with other writers and how difficult was that?

I am very close friends with all three and during a general conversation one evening we decided it would be fun to do a joint piece. As far as difficult, I think that it was one of the most educational and positive experiences of my writing career to date. If you have read Force Recon: Beacon Bayou, you already know that it is not written like any other anthology. Instead of delivering four stories with a common thread, we created a world where the readers are given a single story from several viewpoints. Which was a great challenge that I am not certain would have been pulled off so easily if we were not all good friends who were not afraid to be honest with one another.
Beacon Bayou is available at All Romance:

Is there any one thing or person in your life that inspired your writing? Any one thing or person that influenced the genre you write in?

I don’t know that I can honestly say I dray my inspiration from a single thing as much as drawing it from nearly everything. It is not unusual for me to hear a song on the radio, a graphic in a magazine or even a billboard and have to stop what I am doing to jot down a note or two about an idea or character. The same is true for my Genre. I have always been drawn to the unexplained, strange, and unusual so Paranormal was a perfect fit.

What do you know now about writing and the publishing industry that you wish you’d known before you started?

When you are looking for a publisher(s) look for someone whose beliefs and ethics match your own. In doing so you might need to explore and test drive more than one before you find the right fit.

What is your favorite aspect of the writing process? Your least favorite?

Least favorite is editing and my favorite is the initial idea formation because the story always comes out full force with a life of its own. This is where the characters introduce themselves and give you the insight into their unique world.

Are you a pantser or do you outline?

Both, at the beginning, I let the initial idea just flow unchecked, then after it slows a bit I begin to outline. That way I can get where I am going. My outlines are my own road maps for the characters to get from point A to point Z and all the areas in between.

What are you working on now and what should readers be looking forward to from you in the future?

I have several projects in the process, including the re-release of my first series. Seeds of Oden is scheduled for release the first of June and is a bundle of three series stories. I also have an erotic twist fairy tale in the works, which will be part of a Halloween release!

Thank you so much for taking the hot seat today and sharing your new release.

If you want to know more about J.L. Oiler, you can find her at:

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Lindsay K. said...

Between 3 sounds like a great read! I enjoyed Beacon Bayou a lot, as well. Nice interview!

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

The book sounds exciting!

JL Oiler said...

Thanks! It is one of my personal favorites!