Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My New Cover. Color Me Captivated.

Just opened my email and found my new cover for CAPTIVE, book three in the Black Wolf Gorge series.

Jinger Heaston captured the essence of the story with her beautiful cover art as the scene shifts from Pennsylvania to New Mexico. Here’s a sneak peek to whet your appetite.


[Erotic Paranormal Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F]

When Janis dumps her cheating boyfriend, her biological clock starts ticking louder than Big Ben. Her sister-in-law snagged both of her twin brothers, but she can’t hang onto one man. Then two drop-dead sexy men walk into her office. Too bad they turn out to be gay--and Lycan.

Excuse me while I check the final edits. Release day is January 13!

Happy Reading!

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Denise said...

Another awesome cover, Gale! Congratulations!

JP said...

Another must read and a really cool, or should I say hot cover.
Can't wait!