Saturday, December 4, 2010

**** 4 Stars for MATING CALL ****

I was thrilled to open the January 2011 issue of my favorite magazine, RT BOOK REVIEWS, and find a 4 Star review for MATING CALL. If you don't aready get the magazine delivered, give yourself a subscription for Christmas. I guarantee you won't be sorry. Besides over 200 reviews you'll find great articles, interviews, and giveaways for readers and writers. 

Genre: E-book, Paranormal, Erotic Romance

**** RT Rating

Stanley’s second book about the shapeshifters of Black Wolf Gorge is hot enough to shoot sparks from the pages. It goes a little bit beyond in a unique twist on the mating habits of shapeshifters. The independent heroine will appeal to readers; the men, however, might elicit a slightly darker reaction, as they capture and then confine Sable in order to study her. Readers who like to go outside the box will get a fiery, emotional story.

Wolf shapeshifter Sable is captured by twin brothers Jude and Jonas Outlaw and her double nature is all that keeps her alive, as these two brothers hate anything even remotely involving wolves. But Sable intrigues and attracts both brothers, drawing them into fiery ménage and claiming both as mates. When Sable gets pregnant by both men, the three of them will have to make their family work despite society’s disapproval. (SIRENPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.99)
Reviewed By: Sabrina Cooper

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Rachel Lynne said...

Hey Gale! Congratulations on the review!
I'm supposed to be reviewed by them but since I don't get the magazine I'm not sure how I'm going to know when they do or what they say!
Guess I'll have to head over to the website and subscribe :)

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks Rachel! It's a great magazine. The subscription is well worth it. Your big day is coming up, exciting stuff!