Sunday, September 5, 2010

CALL OF THE WILDS now available in paperback! *Celebration Giveaway*

CALL OF THE WILDS is now available in paperback!

I had no idea. A friend told me they went to my Kindle page and saw the paperback listed. I love my Kindle but I can’t wait to hold the print version in my hand.

And to celebrate I'm offering a pen, notepad and bookmark to go along with your copy. Just email me a proof of purchase - some little snippet of your receipt will do - and I will snail mail the goodies.

This is great timing for all the readers who have told me they’re waiting for the print version. You have time to read it before Book 2: MATING CALL is released.

If you want to add CALL OF THE WILDS to your bookshelf, here’s the Amazon link:

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Maeve said...

Yay! Congratulations Gale. I love reading e-books but I must admit I'm still addicted to the wondrous smell of a freshly printed page. You crack open that new book and it's like hearing the opening of a door to an exciting new world.

Gale Stanley said...

TY! I love my Kindle and would never give it up. But it's still a thrill to open a book, especially when its got your name on the cover. LOL

Riley Quinn said...

Congrats, Gale. That is exciting news! How many have you ordered so far? LOL

Danielle said...

Awesome! I am for sure getting one.

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks Riley, I only bought one so far but I expect the DH to buy a few.

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks you Danielle! Send me your address and I'll mail the goodies as soon as they arrive.