Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Exhaustion is setting in and right now I just want to finish this blog post and go to sleep. Actually I did fall asleep a little while ago. The sound of my heading hitting the keyboard woke me up.

I've been going to bed late and getting up early. And inbetween I lay awake listening to my characters instead of sleeping. I guess it paid off. I finished Book 3 of the Black Wolf Gorge series in a frenzy of writing that kept me glued to the laptop, except for the time I took off to watch Bachelor Pad and the Housewives of NJ reunion. Can you believe that Teresa?? OMG!

Anyway I finished it this afternoon. It turned out to be 33,600 words instead of 65,000. Hey if a story is done in so many words there is no stretching it out. There’s nothing like excess filler to kill a good story.

The word count was not the only change. The title changed from SNATCHED to CAPTIVE. It happens that way sometimes. This is why I can never be a plotter. I fly by the seat of my pants and no matter how organized I try to be the characters dictate which direction we go.

So the changes were made and the story was sent out to the publisher. Now the waiting game begins. And any nails I’ve grown disappear again.

After I sent CAPTIVE on its merry way I updated BOOKS & BLURBS. I think it was after that when I fell asleep. So this is my blog update and now I have to Zzzzzzzzzz

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Riley Quinn said...

Congrats on finishing Captive. I'm sure you'll hear good news back from the publisher soon.

I have to admit, I watch that train wreck called Bachelor Pad myself. I swear, it's like watching my high school years all over again, but I'm hooked.

Hope you got a little sleep last night now that Captive is finished.

Gale Stanley said...

I call it research. The characters I see on these shows are worse than my Lycans and not as believable!

Danielle said...

How exciting. Book three is done. I can't wait to see what happens. :)

Gale Stanley said...

Fingers crossed. I hate the stress of waiting to hear from the publisher.