Monday, August 2, 2010

My SILENT KNIGHTS find a home with Silver Publishing!

I had a really good weekend. Of course it’s always good when you can sign a new contract for your book and send it off to a publisher.

My novella was adopted by Silver Publishing and I’m so glad my SILENT KNIGHTS have a good home. I’m especially happy since this book was a departure for me. There’s nary a supernatural creature to be seen. It’s a romantic holiday story about two men who have troubled pasts. I’ve really come to love these guys. You will too. I can’t wait until you meet them.

Right now I’m working on cover details and having a blast. It’s my number three favorite thing in the writing process. Number one is the actual writing. And number two is getting an offer of publication. Of course there’s a certain amount of stress involved with #1 and #2. Three is just plain fun.

You may have noticed the progress meter for SILENT KNIGHTS has been replaced. I had an idea for another novella and I started it Saturday. No title as of yet. I need to get a better handle on the story first. And I’m hard at work on book 3 of the Black Wolf Gorge series. I love where it’s going. A lot of the story takes place in another location and I think book 4 will move the series to that setting.

The weekend wasn’t all work. A new sale always involves a celebration and this was no exception. My DL took me to dinner Saturday and then we went to see Salt. Awesome movie. I love Angie. Sunday my granddaughter turned five and we partied at Dave & Buster’s.

But now it’s time to dig in and get back to work. Oh, and I just updated BOOKS & BLURBS with a steamy paranormal by my friend Missy Martine. You’ll love DISCOVERING HER WOLFEN HERITAGE!

Have a great week!

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Christine Bell said...

Congratulations! That is a GREAT feeling!

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks! It's like having a baby. All the work and sweat and pain and then there it is - out in the world.