Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is it Really All in the Name?

Book three in my BLACK WOLF GORGE series was taking way too long to finish. My writing practically stopped while I worked on my novellas. But that wasn’t the only reason for the slowdown.

I didn’t have a title for the book. Strangely enough, if I don’t have a title I can’t seem to forge ahead. Weird, I know. So many titles went through my head, I was mind-boggled. I was trying for something with CALL in the title to keep some consistency but nothing resonated. Call of the Wolf sounded too much like CALL OF THE WILDS. Call to Wolf Canyon didn’t sound exciting enough. So I decided to forget about using Call and just go with gut instinct. SNATCHED came to me immediately. It has an urgency about it that appeals to me. And even better, it got me writing again, so I knew I was on the right track.

Of course this title might not appeal to a publisher. That remains to be seen. But it got me thinking about titles in general. They’re pretty darn important. As a writer you want them to identify your story but they serve another purpose as well. A good title should attract attention. Some say a good title is the most important aspect of marketing.

So what do you think? How important is the title. And more important, what do you think about SNATCHED? Does it make you want to read the story?

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