Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who said this was easy?

I almost feel like yesterday was a bust. Most of the day was spent working on a new website yet again. I saw some really cool Wordpress designs and decided to try them. They were great – for a blog. But they just didn’t look like websites. And I already have a blog that I don’t want to give up – two in fact. I still keep up Notes from Camp Swampy.

They say it’s easy to make Wordpress themes look like websites. Maybe, but there’s a learning curve involved and I already spent too much time on this. Time I should spend writing. So after hours of fooling with Yahoo and Wordpress I gave up and went back to a traditional website – screen shot above. I’d love to hear what you think of it. Today I plan to finish the Novella or stay up all night until I do.

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Clark Stone said...

Gale, Anytime you spend learning is not wasted in the long run. We use things that we learn in our stories all the time. Plus, if you learn a new skill, that will be one more thing accomplished in your life. So, don't give up learning but might spend a little time every day on learning the new skill.

Also, several news stories state the best way to stave off Alzheimer's and dementia is continue to learn throughout one's life.

As for the way your web pages looks, I like it.

Dennis H. Clarkston
AKA Clark Stone

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks Clark! I might try Wordprss again when I can devote more time. I haven't been writing as much as I should. I've heard that before, about the Alzheimer's. I'm a perpetual student so I hope it's true.