Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Good Reads is a great networking site. If you love books it’s a great place to share what you’re reading and write reviews. I’ve had a user account for a long time but yesterday a friend reminded me that it’s also a great place for authors and readers to get together on a more personal level. So I decided to convert my goodreads user account to an author account. It seemed like a simple process…

Think my life is easy? Not. I set up the author account but it wouldn’t let me in to edit my profile. For some reason it didn’t recognize me as the owner of the account. After awhile I figured it was time to ask the experts for help. I sent an email to goodreads and immediately got a response. Somehow I ended up with two accounts and goodreads and I were both confused. After going back and forth a few times the problem was resolved and one account was deleted. Thank you Patrick for being so helpful – and patient.

I added a bio and a blog feed. My shelves were empty so I’m in the process of restacking them. If you have an account, look me up and be my friend.

It’s easy to join. Just visit, click on register and fill out your name, email and password.

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