Thursday, June 24, 2010

"So many books, so little time." ~ Frank Zappa

I love to read. My house is overflowing with books and my To Be Read stack is crammed into a closet. Even my new Kindle is filling up fast. Hey, did I tell you that the Kindle went down in price – right after I bought it of course. Like a week later. Products on Amazon can be returned within 30 days. I thought about returning my Kindle and repurchasing it. After all $259 to $189 is a big difference. I really didn’t want to. My books were on it, marked at the exact place I had stopped reading and I was loathe to give it up. So I called Amazon. They were nice as could be and refunded me the difference. Great customer service is one reason I’ve been a loyal big spender since their beginnings.

But even with the convenience of carrying my Kindle wherever I go, lately I haven’t had too much time to read. Between writing, edits, promotion and family, friends and cats, reading has become a guilty pleasure. I debated giving up Notes from Camp Swampy, my other blog where I post book reviews. Camp Swampy was my place to vent when I worked the hated day job. Posting and book reviewing kept me sane when I wanted to bang my head against the wall of my cubicle prison. Giving it up was not an option. Then I received an ARC from Random House and I couldn’t put it down - Ancestor by Scott Sigler. When a book is that good it’s not a problem to zip through it at record speed and write a review. If you like blood and guts medical thrillers check it out, it’s a winner. I even gave up watching the Bachelorette to finish it. So I found it is possible to squeeze in some reading, especially if you don’t like to sleep.

The worst way to read, he said, is with the thought that you do not have enough time. The only way to read is in the knowledge that there is an infinite amount of time stretching ahead, and that if one wishes to taste only a few sentences per day one is free to do so. ~ Gabriel Josipovici -“Moo Pak”

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Riley Quinn said...

I sympathize with you, Gale. I've had periods of time where I wasn't able to fit in reading (unless I gave of valuable sleep), but I find that something is just off-kilter for me. I start reading again and boom! I'm fine.

Here's hoping you find time soon.

Gale Stanley said...

I guess it happens to all of us but I really miss escaping into a good book. Sometimes it's a much needed break from reality.

Harris Channing said...

Do you remember that Twilight Zone where the guy loved to read. Something happened that turned the world into rubble and he was the only one left alive...He finally had all the time in the world to read and he broke his glasses.

Your blog reminded me of that show! And YAH to Amazon for doing right by you!!

Gale Stanley said...

I've seen every Twilight Zone episode at least twice. That is one of my favorites. Thanks for reminding me of it.

Clark Stone said...

I find that my reading takes the back burner at times when I feel that I do not have enough time. Yet, I force myself to read at least 40 pages a day. It is an escape that I do not want to give up.

There are books that I do not want to put down. Those I compromise on and allow myself to read another 40 to 80 pages before I force myself to stop reading.

Dennis Clarkston
AKA Clark Stone