Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A New Contract Sparks the Muse

After being away for ten days and then coming home sick my muse was in sleep mode. I set some goals yesterday hoping to wake it up but I was only semi-successful. I did go over my critiques and rework the 7 pages I’d submitted to the group. And I worked on today’s interview at Escape Into Romance. If you have a minute stop by and say hello.

But that was as far as I got. I opened the WIP, book 3 of the Black Wolf Gorge series and my mind went blank. So I tried a few things to hot-wire my imagination. First I tried doing something else – like the treadmill. It got my blood flowing but little else. My muse wasn’t moving. I read the Sunday paper. Truth is stranger than fiction and sometimes an article will spark an idea. Nothing caught fire.

It was getting late and I hadn’t completed my goals and it didn’t look like I was going to any time soon. I gave myself a break anyway and tuned in The Bachelorette - mindless entertainment which is usually good for a laugh. It didn’t disappoint. Kasey, who I would have sent packing long ago, got a tattoo on his wrist to impress Ali and then never showed it to her. I did enjoy the segment where Ali and my #1 pick, Roberto, got to appear in the Lion King. This guy looked hot in his skimpy little costume. He and Ali were hoisted up on wires and positioned themselves in some sexy maneuvers that had the other guys green with envy. Entertaining but not inspiring.

At that point I figured I’d get online for a bit and then watch the Housewives of NJ. The first email I opened was from Siren offering me a contract for Mating Call. After I let out a war whoop, told hubby what all the noise was about and calmed down, the creative juices started to flow. Suddenly I had all kinds of ideas for the WIP but I still can’t come up with a title I like. I’m hoping something comes to me as I get deeper into the story.

Nothing like a new contract to give you a much needed kick in the butt. Projected publication date for Mating Call is November 2010, print is April 2011.



Riley Quinn said...

Congratulations, Gale! That is awesome news and I'm so happy for you. Keep it up, girl!

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks Riley. I'm looking forward to your new release too.