Thursday, June 17, 2010

Me and Joe Btfsplk

Maybe I’m showing my age but I think Joe Btfsplk crossed my path this week. I thought I was recovering from the cold I caught at the beach. Then Tuesday night, I started seeing stars. I went to my dentist yesterday and it turns out I have a sinus gum infection. Evidently the infected sinus cavity presses on the rootѕ of thө teeth. It often happens when the immune system is challenged. So now I’m taking antibiotics and pain killers.

And I look like a puffer fish – but only on the left side.

So does anyone remember Joe Btfsplk? He was Al Capp’s creation - the cartoonist best known for Li’l Abner. Joe was a lonely man. The little guy walked around with a rain cloud over his head. Anyone who came in contact with him had bad luck so they avoided him like the plague. He was a minor character but I loved him. When asked how to pronounce his name, Al Capp would blow a raspberry. They just don’t make comics like that anymore.



Riley Quinn said...

I'm sorry to hear about your infection. That must be going around because one of the ladies that comes to the shop for the knit and crochet club each week had to miss the last two weeks because she had some kind of infection in her nose. Hope you feel better soon.

Oh, and I don't remember Joe, though I do remember Andy Capp.

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks Riley. It actually feels a little better since I started the antibiotics. I'm gonna get some vitamins too.

Rachel Lynne said...

Man Gale, hope you feel better. I swear, anything to do with teeth hurts like h*ll!
I don't recall that character but I remember Andy Capp too, Riley and I are the same age, I guess!
I always liked Beetle Bailey too!

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks Rachel. I think I'm finally feeling a little better.