Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting Back to Business

I feel like a slacker. After ten days at the beach, a week moping around with a cold, and playing with my Kindle, I haven't gotten much writing done. I can breathe again so I'm going to challenge myself with some goals for today.

1. Prepare for tomorrow's interview with Stacey Espino at Escape Into Romance.
2. Go over my critiques and edit my novella.
3. Update Camp Swampy
4. Try and catch up with The Weekend Novelist.
5. If I get through 1 to 4, I'll watch The Bachelorette tonight.

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Riley Quinn said...

Sounds like you need the whip cracked! Good luck on accomplishing your goals. You've got a lot planned.

Gale Stanley said...

I really do. When you slack off for a bit it's hard to get back to work. I'm making progress but I think The Weekend Novelist will have to wait - again.