Monday, May 3, 2010

TWN Weekend Update

Whew! I just got the last of my reviews sent off to RT magazine for the July issue. I'd rather have been frolicking with them at the convention in Columbus, Ohio, but it was not to be. There's just too much piled on my plate.

The revisions for Mating Season are coming along. I'm working on chapter nine now. Book three in the Black Wolf Gorge series is on the burner. No title yet, but I set up a progress meter to keep myself motivated.

And, I had a breakthrough with my straight line plot for the Weekend Novelist. All week I've been kicking myself because I couldn't think of a decent plot to save my soul. Saturday night I went to bed thinking story lines instead of counting sheep. When I woke up Sunday morning, my character greeted me with her back history, and suddenly I knew where I was going with this. It's like – what comes first, the chicken or the egg? The plot or the characters? With me it's gotta be the characters. It's an extraordinary feeling when an idea breaks through. I'm psyched.

I also jumped into a Roses Short Story Challenge and I'm going to try and tie it in with TWN. If it doesn't go anywhere maybe I can use it for a chapter.

Oh, and I joined Passionate Ink and signed up for WRITING EROTIC ROMANCE with Angela Knight.

I even got to spend some time with the grandkids too. Friday night we saw the oldest off to her prom and Sunday we watched slugger in a T-ball game. I gotta share a few pics. Enjoy!

How was your weekend?



Riley Quinn said...

You busy girl, you! Sounds like you had a well rounded weekend. Congrats on the breakthrough. I'm still working on mine. Let me know how you like Passionate Ink. I've been thinking about joining them. Your grandkids are beautiful.

GPS said...

Thank you. I'm very lucky to have them. I'd been thinking about P.I. for a long while too. When I saw the workshop I figured what the heck, it's time. I'll keep you posted.