Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Out of the Loop

From the 13th to the 18th, I was out of the loop and for the best possible reason. I was taking care of my granddaughters while my daughter and SIL were in the Bahamas. We stayed up late and probably had too many snacks – but hey, that's what grandparents do. We also got to see Furry Vengeance with Brendan Fraser and Brooke Shields. It's about a real estate developer who wants to cut down a forest and build houses. The homicidal animals turn the tables on him and well you know who's going to win this one. The girls loved it and if you leave your adult brain at the door so will you.

Hubby and I stayed in NJ and I brought my laptop with me. But the only use it got was playing Farmville and Club Penguin. So now that I'm home and back in the thick of it, I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed. My mailboxes are overflowing - Yahoo groups, workshops, email... It's mindboggling to think what I'd come back to if I'd taken a longer recess. Should I go through everything for hit the delete button and start fresh?

So I'm wondering – have you ever taken a break and felt out of the loop when you got back?



Rachel Lynne said...

OMG YES! Before I got my blackberry I hated to go anywhere without a pc because I knew what awaited me on my return. Now I can do business anywhere. Life is so much simpler. Funny that before I got the phone I thought it stressful to always be available but with our business I need to be available or chaos takes control. I couldn't do without my blackberry now :)
Glad you had a great time ..., now it's back to work!

Gale Stanley said...

While I try to decide if I need a Kindle or a Blackberry tehnology is passing me by. I need to get with it.

Maeve said...

I had to trade in my blackberry for a new one yesterday. It seems they don't respond too well to a good bounce off the concrete floor. *sigh* Thank goodness for insurance because I'd be lost without the vibrating little beast and so far behind I wouldn't know whether to dig a hole or cover up. Welcome back!

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks Maeve. It felt great to sprint today. I'm definitely going to look into getting a blackberry.

Word Actress said...

I try to take a break - it's so hard sometimes - but when I get back there are literally hundreds of e-mails. And yes, I do sometimes go through and DELETE DELETE DELETE. Writing is my passion so I love being connected daily with other writers, it's what feeds the passion, I guess. I try to avoid Facebook and Twitter, that really is in my mind, a waste of my time.
It's hard to measure how much is enough and where the boundaries are of too much. I think I have a good balance - but who knows!!! Best, Mary Kennedy Eastham, Author, The Shadow of a Dog I Can;t Forget and the upcoming novel Night Surfing

Gale Stanley said...

I have to admit I do check in with Facebook and Twitter. The benefit is more connection with other writers but sometimes I feel like there's not enough time to write.
Still, I wouldn't give up the technology for anything. The sprints, the online chats, the support... It's all good.

phillystar0923 said...

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Gale Stanley said...

Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely check it out.