Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Much Maligned Wolf

I love animals and I love writing about animals - especially wolves. I've been fascinated by fangs and fur since the first time I watched Lon Chaney, Jr. transform into "The Wolfman." I always sympathized with the werewolf. Chaney had the ability to make me feel his anguish and suffering. When he transformed I knew he was still inside the hairy beast and deserving of sympathy.

When I look at the wolf, I see past the predator to the grace, beauty and spirit inside the animal. They're devoted to their families - hunting, playing and protecting each other. We can learn a lot from them. So why are they so hated?

I picked up the March issue of National Geographic and read a great article by Douglas Chadwick:
Wolf Wars: Once Protected, Now Hunted.
Telling both sides of the story, he writes about the reintroduction of wolves, how they have a positive influence on the ecosystem and at the same time cause fear and resentment in people who lose their livestock to wolf depredation. So the fight goes on as we try to find a way to live in harmony with the much maligned wolf.
You can read the article and see the photographs on the National Geographic website.

For updates on the aerial killing of wolves and bears in Alaska visit:
Defenders of Wildlife



Riley Quinn said...

I love wolves too! They're my favorite shifter to read and write. I think, as with anything in the wild, you need a healthy fear (read caution) to go along with the fascination.

GPS said...

I agree. I think we can find a safe way to live with these beautiful animals without slaughtering them.

Maeve said...

I think we "humans" selfishly forget everything but our own needs. I cringe at the cruelty we exhibit toward the wildlife of the world just because the animals don't have a "voice". All you have to do is look at their eyes and see their wisdom. There has to be a better way.

Rachel Lynne said...

I think we encroach on their land and push them out of their habitats then get upset when they come after lifestock or worse. If humans lived in harmony with their surroundings, like my native indian ancesters, instead of trying to mold it to suit them the world would be at peace.