Monday, April 12, 2010

Blogging - Time Well Spent!

This past week was a busy one. When I wasn't working on edits for CALL OF THE WILDS, I was tackling the three B's - babysitting, book reviews and blogging. It got me thinking - why do I blog?

Keeping a blog eats up a lot more time than maintaining a web site because a blog is really an online diary - a journal that has to be updated constantly or you'll lose readers. I have two blogs. Camp Swampy is where I post book reviews. I try to post several times a week on each blog. Sometimes it feels like a lot of work for little return. So why do it?

Some people make money from their blogs by having space for advertising and banners. Others may sell products - their own or for another company. But what about the rest of us who aren't looking for financial gain?

First and foremost, I like connecting with people who share the same interests. Sure, there are social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. They're great ways to connect but they're meant for short messages. A blog is where you can really expound. I use the other sites to let people know when I post something new on my blogs.

Second, a blog helps build credibility. It's a way to let people know I'm serious about what I'm doing.

Third, I like the idea that what I write might help or entertain someone else. I've gotten a lot from other blogs and I hope I can pass that on.

Fourth, I believe blogging improves writing. It's no secret that the more you write the better you get. Practice makes perfect, after all. I've been blogging on Camp Swampy for years. I look back at some old posts and cringe. I've come a long way.

And last but not least - It's fun!

So that's why I blog. I'd love to hear your reasons.



Riley Quinn said...

Gale, I was so worried that I would run out of things to blog about that I put off starting one. Now, I could kick myself in the tookus. I love blogging and so far, have had plenty to say.

Rachel Lynne said...

Gale, I couldn't agree more! Blogging does give us credibility and is fun but it really keeps your skills sharp. I do run out of thiings to say but a few minutes before the keyboard and my mind is up and running. I think blogs keep writers focused on creating and they let us use our expository skills instead of our fiction ones.

Stacey Espino said...

Great post! I love blogging and FB. My blog is like an online organizer for me and my thoughts and what needs to be done.
I share personal and professional information alike. It's a little piece of me and my life.

So, when is Call of the Wilds coming out??

GPS said...

I love it too! I think most writers share and put themselves out there. It makes readers feel more connected too.
I'm doing edits for Call of the Wilds now. It comes out in June.