Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Step Closer to Publication

Tuesday morning I received the edited manuscript for CALL OF THE WILDS. I did the happy dance and then put it aside to babysit my grandsons. The boys are cute as can be and when I'm with them it's all about them. Believe it or not, I didn't turn on my son or dil's computer once. (Why can't I use that willpower to stop biting my nails?) Anyway, we colored, played cars and made pretend cakes in the sandbox. When I came home, there were 279 emails waiting and two Savvy Author workshops to catch up with:
Ten Ugly and Unfair Truths about Publishers, Publishing, and Promotion
Story Structure for Romance Novelists by Larry Brooks.
Then I checked my crops in Farmville and settled in front of the TV for a full night of Dancing with the Stars, Lost and V.

It's a huge thrill to see your story fine-tuned by your editor and it's really hard not to dive right in but I wanted to start fresh so I waited until this morning. I made a pot of coffee and went through the manuscript to get an idea of how much work was involved. It was less than I expected and more than I hoped for. I've just finished working on the second chapter and it's incredibly exciting to see how even the smallest changes can take your story to the next level. So I'm sending a big thank-you to my editor at Siren and getting right back to work. No TV tonight.



JP said...

The time is getting closer for your e-book release, the excitment is building. Just think you'll be able to take a breath for a minute or two, than it'll be back to work, in one form or another.
Mating Season - 99%, Very good.

Riley Quinn said...

Wait until you see the galleys! Enjoy your moment and then get to work. We're waiting for that book! LOL

GPS said...

Thanks! I may take an hour tonite for Survivor. But that's it. LOL

Stacey Espino said...

The blessed and dreaded edits! Good luck :)