Monday, March 22, 2010

What's in a Name?

I finally did it. I changed my Twitter name. I've been thinking about doing it ever since I got my domain and discovered .com was already taken and I had to settle for .net. The only thing holding me back was the fear of screwing things up. But the fear of finding my name already taken overshadowed that and I took the plunge.

It was surprisingly easy! Twitter allows you to change your name in the settings panel. Your followers and everything else remains intact. Still, I was concerned that someone might look for me under the old name. That was pretty easy to fix as well. I quickly created a new account using the old name. Then I posted a Tweet telling people I'd changed my name and directing them to
@GaleStanley. One of the simpler things I've done lately. So maybe now I'll change the Facebook name.

So if you're not already following me, please do. I look forward to tweeting with you.



Lisa said...

Great information! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Rachel Lynne said...

I'm on Twitter bu thardly ever use it. Seems a bit confusing to me ...LOL. I'm RachelLynne1015 BTW, but I prefer FB.

GPS said...

I found you - you're RachelLynne10
LOL. I'm following you now. I have my Twitter acct. linked to FB so it automatically shows the Tweets, when it's working that is.