Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Turn about is fair play

Blogging Buddy Riley Quinn nominated me for a frequent blogger award. This is informal and purely for fun but I'm super happy to be included so I decided TURN ABOUT IS FAIR PLAY. Then of course, I went off on a tangent and had to look up the origin of the phrase.

According to the meaning of the idiom follows:

"Taking alternate or successive turns at doing something is just and equitable. For example, Come on, I want to sit in the front seat now—turnabout is fair play. This justification for taking turns was first recorded in 1755."

So in the interest of being just and equitable here is a list of the blogs, I frequent the most.
(Not in any particular order)

Riley Quinn
Rachel Lynn
Alexa Day
Shayla Kersten
Denise Golinowski
Delilah Devlin

Blogs are a great tool for social networking and learning new stuff and these ladies constantly amaze me with the fresh, new content they provide for readers. Stop by for a visit.



Denise said...

Thanks for the mention and for visiting my blog. I loved your the info about "turn about's fair play." I've heard/used it for years and never knew the true background. I'll have to check out that website because I use quite a few archaic phrases. -- Denise Golinowski

Riley Quinn said...

I love to learn the origins of words and phrases. Thanks for the lesson.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gale!

Thanks so much for your frequent visits -- I see you when I obsess over my stats every evening! I really enjoy coming by to visit you here, too. In fact, today's topic is near and dear to my heart.

Thanks again!