Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Outside Looking In

Yesterday I updated my bio for CALL OF THE WILDS. Bios are always written in third person and there's something really weird about referring to yourself as somebody else. It can also be enlightening to sit back and try to interpret the past through objective eyes. I stepped outside my skin and observed myself as if I was another person. When I looked back without letting personal feelings get in the way I saw how much I've really changed. So I allowed myself a quick pat on the back and got back to work.

But now I'm wondering why we refer to ourselves in third person when we write a bio. Does it sound more professional and believable?

What do you think?



Riley Quinn said...

Good question, Gale. I think it's just the way it's done. When I sent in my bio to my publisher, it was in first person but I noticed in the galleys that they had changed it to third.

GPS said...

It does seem to be industry standard. I see them all written that way.

Rachel Lynne said...

(Groan) I want to be published but I so don't want to write a bio! I have nothing to say!!! (Yes, I know I'm a motor mouth so how can that be? But it's true!) Whta do you put on one of those things if you're newly published with no credentials?

GPS said...

Hey, it just has to be short and catchy. You can do all kinds of things with a bio, even pretend to be another character - as long as it's in 3rd person. lol You will have no problem.