Monday, March 8, 2010

My Date With Oscar

Sunday was a really productive day for me. I finished two chapters. Yah! So I rewarded myself by watching the Academy Awards for three hours.

Some of you might not think that's a reward, and you might be right. The thing is, I love movies and this year they opened the field and included ten, many of which I actually saw. No one will ever take Billy Crystal's place in my heart but Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin put on a decent show and I did spend some time with hubby even if was in front of the television.

For the most part, I agreed with the picks. I love Jeff Bridges. He's a great actor and a family man, married for thirty-three years - to the same woman. Kathryn Bigelow deserved the Oscar for the Hurt Locker and I was glad to see Avatar, Inglourious Basterds and District 9 get well deserved recognition. But Sandra Bullock? I know she was the odds on favorite, but I just didn't see it. Oh well, she made a great speech. Which brings me to another good point - there seemed to be less politics and more talk about good old family values. About time.

So, the bad things - commercials. I rarely watch TV shows unless I tape them or buy the DVD. If I do watch I usually turn to the computer or a book when an ad comes on. But last night I did neither. It wasn't too bad. Hubby muted the TV and we talked. This what quality time in 2010 has come to.

And hey - did anyone else think the big reveal at the end was rushed? Were they running over the allotted time? Tom Hanks ran out, didn't even name the ten nominees for best picture, just blurted out the winner - The Hurt Locker - end of story.



Riley Quinn said...

Glad you rewarded yourself. I didn't get to see the awards show so it was interesting to get your take on it. Thanks.