Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Author Page is up on Siren's Website!!!

Whoo-hoo! My author page is now up on the Siren Publishing website. The cover for CALL OF THE WILDS will be out soon and then - ta-da - the release date in June. Exciting stuff. I bit off whatever nails I had left. I'll be down to my knuckles soon.

It's all becoming very real and it made me work even harder on the WIP. I'm happy to say I have a first draft for Mating Season. It's rough but I have the plotlines tied up. I think. I'm sure I'll find a few loose threads when I go back and do the edits. And the word count will rise because I'll be adding more description - my 3 S's - setting and sizzling sex. But I see light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope you'll check out my bio and let me know what you think:

Siren-Publishing/Gale Stanley

And here's hoping you all have a very Happy Easter!!



JP said...

So proud if you,but than again always have been.

Riley Quinn said...

Excellent, Gale. Congratulations. I know how exciting it is to see your author page for the first time.

Also, congrats on meeting your self-imposed deadline. You are rockin'.

Oh, and you need to email me so I can send you your book.

GPS said...

I won?! Awesome! I'll send it ASAP.

Rachel Lynne said...

YEAH GALE!! So exciting, I'm happy for you and anxious to join your ranks :)

GPS said...

It won't be long. You took that important first step and that in itself is a huge acheivement. You and Riley are great supporters. I really appreciate that.