Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hitting a Roadblock as I Near the Finish Line

The countdown has started and I'm racing against the clock. My self-imposed deadline is looming. The first draft of MATING SEASON has to be done by March 31st. I set the deadline and I was reasonably sure I could make it. Only five more days remain and now I'm having doubts and panic is setting in.

It's only another 8,446 words but I hit a roadblock. One of those pesky ones where I can't get from point "A" to point "B." I need a good reason to keep the hero (one of them) from running out on the heroine. I've already gone through two scenarios and neither one works. The hero already told me no way, not good enough.

So what will happen if I miss my deadline. The sky won't fall on my head. Who will care? I will. I've never missed a deadline and I'm not about to spoil my record even if it's self-imposed. My response to crunch time is to buckle down. Plant myself in front of the computer and write. I'm hoping my characters planted an idea in my subconscious while I slept and it'll show itself while I'm typing. Like a spirit, communicating through a Ouija board my hero will guide my fingers to the right letters and the words will flow. Sounds great, but I can't let him do all the work, he has enough problems.

So it's back to brainstorming ideas. Have a great weekend and happy writing!



Rachel Lynne said...

Good Luck Gale You can do it!

GPS said...

Thanks Rachel. Delilah gave me a good tip and I'm gonna try it now. I'll let you know how it works out.

Riley Quinn said...

Sometimes a long walk will jar the plot bunnies loose. Good luck!