Friday, January 29, 2010

Fortunate is the Writer who has a Supportive Family

My husband surprised me with a wolf! Not a real one of course. It's a beautiful bookend to celebrate my new paranormal romance, CALL OF THE WILDS. So today, I want to thank him and my kids for being incredibly supportive.

When you tell someone you're a writer do you ever get the impression they're thinking - oh, it's just a hobby. I've gotten that vibe from a few people, but never from my husband and children. They always knew I was serious.

They understand when I lock myself in my office and spend hours on the computer. They're used to seeing me walk around with a book or notepad in my hand. And they don't think I'm weird because I hear voices in my head. A supportive family is a great asset to a writer - so thank you guys.



JP said...

I'm just glad you didn't dismiss your writing talents as just something to pass the time. You have the skill, the drive, and the creative story telling/writing abilities to succeed.

GPS said...

Ha Ha, you'd find your clothes on the front step if you said any different.

Denise said...

What a wonderful remembrance of this time in your career! Congrats and well done by the DH.

GPS said...

Thanks. He did good.

Rachel said...

What an awesome gift! It's nice to have a supportive family but even better to have a thoughtful one!