Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling Squeezed?

Whew! Am I glad the holidays are over. I hadn't felt so squeezed since 2008 when I was still working the day job. I love the family time, the parties, the gifts. It's all exciting but forget the writing.

If I write every day, the words seem to spew. Even if it's just a few words, it keeps the juices flowing. When I miss days at a time, things come to a complete stop and writer's block rears its ugly head. Those are the worst of times.

Writing is tough. It demands a lot of perseverance, dedication and most of all time. One of the most challenging problems for any writer is finding enough time to write, not only during the holidays but all year long. If I tell myself I'll get to it when I have more time it never happens.

The biggest obstacle for me was working a full time job. My husband and I left at the same time, 5:30 AM. Yikes! Can't believe I did that for twenty-some years. Anyway, he would drop me off at my office and continue on to his own. The ride took twenty minutes and sometimes I'd be sitting in the dark car jotting down the dreams that percolated in my head overnight. I spent my lunch hour doing re-writes. While I'm no longer a city drone I still have plenty of stuff to distract me so learning to write on the fly still comes in handy.

I keep a notepad in my purse, on the night table, in the kitchen, everywhere. I love having hours to spend on my stories but when it's not possible I snatch extra minutes wherever I can.

It came handy this past weekend. I watched my grandsons and did diapers, drew pictures and played dinosaurs. My trusty notebook was nearby and when I pulled it out the boys were curious and anxious to help. Getting them involved turned out to be a real bonus. Now I have lots of good ideas in my file in case I ever want to write a children's book.

It all boils down to - If you really want to write - you will.



Calisa said...

Great job Gail. I completely relate. Love the look of your page.

GPS said...

Thanks Calisa. The boys are back home and I really miss em.

Lisa said...

Well said - the more you write, the more you can write (and the more you want to write?).

Thanks for the reminder!

GPS said...

Thanks Lisa - Keeping a blog helps me too. It gives me another push to write.

Denise said...

Well done. I appreciate the reminder that my excuses are not unique nor far from dire. But that they are just that--excuses. Now, back to writing. Denise Golinowski

GPS said...

We all face the same challenges. Right now mine is this homework assignment.

Judy said...

Absolutely--one makes time for what one really needs to do! But I find even in retirement that I have so many projects "pecolating" that I can't get to all of them! For me, it's a matter of focus and striking a balance between writing and Real Life. Enjoyed the post!

Destiny Blaine said...

Great post. I'm a firm believer. If writing is important, you'll find the time. I'll visit again. Super blog.

Destiny Blaine

Rachel said...

Great post. Shamed me into putting forth more effort to get my present wip done. I let laundry, errands, school, etc. derail me but I'm inspired to do better!

Cathc ya later,
Rachel Lynne